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Residential – Commercial

Slab Repair

  • Drilled Concrete Piers
  • Pilings
  • Mud Pumping
  • Raising & Leveling
  • Brick Repairs

What Causes Foundation Failure?

The primary factor affecting the movement seen in concrete foundations is the expansion and contraction of subsurface clays. Texas and Louisiana soils are composed of highly expansive clay particles. These clays swell during rainy seasons and contract during dry seasons. This accounts for the lifting or upheaval effects noticed in the wet months and the settlement which occurs in the dry summer months. Settled slabs are often raised with the onset of rain, but rarely will the swelling in the clay compensate for the damage which has already taken place.

Utilizing the latest in equipment and design, National Foundation Repair Company can serve all your foundation needs. With the insertion of specially designed steel reinforced footings, settlement problems are quickly and efficiently overcome. Incorporating the use of a high capacity jacking system, a slab foundation can be raised to near level and set on concrete footings to alleviate any further problems. In instances where slab upheaval is presenting a problem, a unique mudjacking method is used. Under high pressure, a soil-cement grout is forced beneath the slab to rectify these problems. Whatever your problem might be, consult only experts in the foundation repair field. Many problems have been aggravated rather than solved by improper repair methods.
Visible cracks in the sheetrock and brickwork of a structure are the most common signs of foundation settlement or upheaval. These cracks normally occur above and below windows & doors. However, it is not uncommon for them to appear in other areas of a home. Entrance and closet doors may also drag or stick when opening or closing them. On occasion, separation cracks have actually occurred on the surface floor areas. All of the above symptoms indicate uneven movement or settlement of a foundation.


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